Jenna Clark Photo



Frequently Asked Questions

 Where am I located?

- I live in Burbank but I'm always running around in the surrounding LA area. Travel fees rarely apply. 

How soon will I get my images?

- Based on my current workload, you'll receive your complete photography package within 3-4 weeks. 

Can I get my own prints?

- Of course! You have FULL download and printing rights. To get the best of your color-corrected images try having them done through a reputable company to ensure the best quality. I recommend ordering prints via your online gallery - they're budget friendly and beautifully done!

Can I have my RAW images?

- I know how desirable it can be to want to see every. single. photo. taken from your day! But you have to understand that mixed in with the pretty poses and candid looks are closed eyes and unflattering moments you won't want. I work extremely hard to hand-pick the best of the best for you, so giving you the RAW images would negate that.

Can I share photos on Social Media?

- Yes! Of course! Please do! I only ask that you do not edit any of the images you're given, and tag me! 

What do I like most about being a photographer?

- My absolute favorite thing would have to be the love. I'm such a romantic I can't help it! I've been known to cry during first-looks and the vows! Second to love, would be the art form that embodies photography. I am a creative lifestyle and wedding photographer, with major emphasis on creative! I live for natural posing, candids and sun-flare! All of these elements feed my imagination and creativity. 


Shoot me an email for any additional questions you may have!