Jenna Clark Photo


I'm Jenna


- The gal behind Jcp - 


 I laugh loud and love hard. Surprise gifts and kindheartedness will always put tears in my eyes, and there's few things I love more than a strong iced coffee and an extra-sprinkly donut.

I'm one of those who falls passionately in love with everything. I enjoy being with people who crave connection and enjoy the little things life overflows with. A perfect day for me includes In-N-Out and lots of exploring. I'm a complete sunshine chaser and always up for an adventure. In the rare occurrence where I'm not running around under the sun you can find me on the couch scanning my Netflix queue that's packed with 80's movies, Rom-Coms and FRIENDS episodes. My main goal in life is to live with intention + spread kindness like crazy. 

- what I do -


 I've always been creating something. Art is my heart-song.

I enjoy museums, art history and watching people do what they love. I've always been drawn to the wedding-world, and wanting to make some serious magic for some seriously in-love couples.  

Full disclosure, I am the biggest romantic. I want to hear ALL the love stories. More importantly, I want to hear your love story. My favorite thing about wedding photography is the love and pure connection that envelops the day. As your photographer, I promise to treat your memories as if they were my own. Not only am I here to be your friend, I'm here to listen to your needs and I'm here to tell your unique story.